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Abstract and Works Cited

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This paper was written with the intent to investigate what are some of the large catalysts of college stress and anxiety. The overall problem being explored is that mental illness during college years has increased heavily. Stress and anxiety are currently at the top of complaints. Three sets of problems were looked at for catalysts and one issue to supplement problems: privatization of college, financial burden of college, academic pressure of college, and the current, poor state of on campus mental health resources. It was found that privatization has an effect on student stress through the divide is causes in social class. Students can feel inferior to peers that are unaffected by privatization. Financial burden on its own is very stressful for students, and privatizational divide increases stress and inferiority. This in turn makes academic pressure weigh more because there needs to be compensation through success to pay off loans. Students will work very hard to achieve, while other peers do not hold the financial weight they do. Supplementing, when students reach out for mental help most on campus resources are not equipped to deal with a heavy influx of students, leaving many students behind. These together are worsening the state of stress and anxiety.

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